M.Edwards - Studio_10(G.Macleod©)

What is it about The White Wood?

At its base level, this collection of work is a study of a snow-covered wood. But when we look into the woods, where we might expect to see deer standing knee-deep in the freshly fallen snow, we instead find a series of men, wearing black overcoats and Homburg hats.

Creative and technical experimentation during the artist’s time as an illustrator, coupled with his desire to avoid a preconceived narrative have led to this highly original body of work. Its bold compositions and isolated characters are at once enigmatic, ambiguous and even darkly comic.

Mark Edwards claims it would be “too grandiose to suggest the paintings are
a metaphor for the isolation we all on occasions feel”.

This series still continues to progress and develop with ever expanding ideas and narratives, only when looked at as a whole can the journey of this body of work really
be identified.

Welcome to The White Wood.